Hygienists And Assistants

Why consider using Community Dental Solutions?

  • Use of this service is always free.
  • You will have the ability to work when it suits your schedule.
  • You can work a few extra days per month without obligation.
  • You can fill in the gaps in your current schedule to earn extra income.
  • You have the ability to work in a variety of offices.

This service provides the opportunity to take time off for a family, medical or personal reason and know that a professional and qualified replacement will fill your shoes for the time period you need to be away from your office; the stress that you might normally feel will be gone.

It is very simple to join our team of professionals. Just click here to download a form, or give us a call.

Download Employment Application (DOCX)

Dentists And Office Managers

In need of temporary or permanent help?

Community Dental Solutions, LLC offers a convenient way to solve employment needs and maintain office profitability and productivity.

We will provide professional personnel when your Dental Hygienist or Dental Assistant is:
  • On vacation
  • Using a sick day
  • On maternity leave
  • Using a personal day
  • Has an emergency

To assist temporarily with crowded and overbooked schedules

Community Dental Solutions, LLC knows that hiring a staff member for your practice is important and can be a time consuming. Our service will advertise and interview to find a staff member that will fit the needs of your office.

Community Dental Solutions, LLC interviews and verifies references and licenses.