Our Company At A Glance

Hello, and welcome to Community Dental Solutions, LLC. For the past 38 years I have been employed as a dental hygienist. During that time, I have had the opportunity to develop many professional relationships with dentists and staff members. In doing so, I discovered every office had one thing in common, the frustration from all sides when a staff member is unable to work; or the inability to take a day off due to an illness or family situation. Recognizing the need for a professional dental staffing agency in this area, Community Dental Solutions, LLC was created. It is our goal to place qualified personnel in a satisfying work environment both on a temporary basis and also to fill a permanent position if needed.

Since 2006, our service has been allowing dental offices to maintain productivity and profitability while affording staff the opportunity to meet the demands of their personal life.

Kim Pheasant RDH


I have temped for Community Dental Solutions for about a year now and I can not say enough wonderful things about the company and my experience working with them. I have temped for several different temping companies between Texas and Pennsylvania throughout the years as a hygienist. But no one has compared to CDS. I feel confident going into each office I am sent to. I am given valuable info about where I am going and any other pertinent tips before even stepping into the office, which sets me up for success! I feel that this is a very unique aspect that sets CDS apart, they truly want both their temps and their offices to be happy. Kim and Cristy and Kara are so down to earth and very professional at the same time. They are very available when I need to contact them and can be reached through texting, which makes everything easier. Kim and Cristy are working dental hygienists, so they know what it's like to work in the dental field. I also value that they do things the right way - ethically and legally. I have had a lot of issues in the past with dental temping agencies trying to pay a certain way or cut corners, putting me in unfavorable/uncomfortable situations. I love the flexibility with temping and enjoy making my own schedule. I love being able to experience a new office every job and meet new people in community. They keep me very busy working also. Even when I went to my interview they already had offices to send me to, unlike other temping agencies. I have been so very happy with temping here!
Jamie Gladden